Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade

March 17, 2023
Interior shading solution for angled windows.

The Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade is a new interior shading solution for angled windows. It can be sill-mounted in the window and handles angles up to 45 degrees in either direction, so users don’t have to use a square shade and overlap the window opening. The shade panel is kept under constant tension by thin cables that deploy from tensioned spring boxes and attach to a flexible hem bar. Draper uses a 0.06-inch (1.5 mm) low-stretch, high-fatigue cable with a polyester jacket.

Tracking adjustment is built into the endcap; adjusting the tracking of the fabric panel is a simple two-part process and ensures the shade always looks perfectly straight. The maximum width is 144 inches; the maximum height is 144 inches tall, depending on fabric choice and the width of the unit.