AquaBarrier BSW

April 10, 2023
Blindside waterproofing for below-grade commercial installations.

AquaBarrier BSW-H, a blindside waterproofing for horizontal under-slab applications, and AquaBarrier BSW-V for vertical applications (pictured), are both SBS-modified sheet membranes that provide dependable primary waterproofing in below-grade commercial installations. They offer excellent performance for foundations with urban space constraints, below-grade and other critical areas where waterproofing is required.

Both products are resistant to hydrostatic pressure and lateral water migration. Rolls are 10 meters long and 39.6 inches wide; AquaBarrier BSW-V is 3.0 mm (118 mils) thick, while AquaBarrier BSW-H is 3.5 mm (138 mils).