Series 2700 Aluminum Windows

Sept. 20, 2023
Aluminum tilt-in sash double-hung window with enhanced energy performance.

The Series 2700 is a 3.25-inch aluminum tilt-in sash double-hung window with enhanced energy performance and an AW-rated model. Suitable for both replacement and new construction, Series 2700 meets the latest stringent energy code requirements of New York City and other jurisdictions.

Available in commercial (CW-PG50) and architectural-rated (AW-PG50) versions, the windows have a strong frame with thermally improved wide thermal break profiles. Features include a fast-draining sloped sill, easy-clean tilt-in sashes and an equal sightline design. Series 2700 also includes a full width auto-lock pull/lift rail at the head and sill, as well as a continuous weather strip at the meeting rail for improved air and water tightness.