Desert & River

July 5, 2023
Versatile, high-performance flooring.

The new ECOsurfaces Desert & River commercial flooring line from Ecore fuses aesthetics and sustainability with ergonomics, acoustics and safety. Available exclusively through Spartan Surfaces, Desert & River delivers superior performance benefits, including cushioning, sound absorption and durability, while the pattern and texture add visual interest to any setting.

Engineered for use in high-traffic areas, it’s well-suited for retail, hospitality, education and office applications, as well as therapy and rehab spaces, cardio/fitness areas and other settings where safety is a top priority. Features a 1mm woven vinyl surface layer fused to a 3mm vulcanized composition rubber base layer, delivering an optimal balance of force reduction and energy restitution with a 71.82% useful return of impact energy and a 6.82% absorption of impact energy. The proprietary, zero-waste manufacturing process minimizes ecological impact.