Above and Below

Sept. 1, 2023
This carpet tile collection pays tribute to mycelium and mushrooms.

Above and Below is a collection of four carpet tile styles that pay tribute to mycelium (the thread-like structures that distribute nutrients among plants and recycle matter into new sources of life) and their fruiting bodies, mushrooms. The four-piece family includes Biotope, a medium-scale pattern evoking underground mycelium networks; MycoBiome, a large-scale pattern that interprets the internal structures of mushrooms; and two textural coordinates, MycoLoop and MycoSuede. Together, they explore the shapes and textures we find hidden below ground, at ground level and emerging from the earth.

The 12- by 36-inch tiles are Living Product Challenge Petal Certified and provide a net-positive impact in both carbon and water. The EcoFlex ONE backing system combines with Duracolor Tricor fiber to deliver modular carpet that’s durable, cleanable, high-performance and sustainable. CRI Green Label Plus and NSF 140 Platinum certified and Declare Red List Free.