Accore Rigid Core LVT

Nov. 29, 2023
This durable flooring meets the demanding needs of hospitality spaces.

Tarkett Hospitality’s Accore Rigid Core LVT meets the demanding needs of hospitality spaces that need to deliver an outstanding experience for both guests and hospitality providers. The flooring collection is designed to create a quieter, more tranquil escape that guests crave in an easy-to-install and durable platform. Ideal for updating guest rooms and baths, Accore features 22 wood visuals in 7- by 48-inch or 7- by 60-inch planks.

Boasting an IIC rating of 68, it ensures privacy for guests, as the attached acoustic pad reduces the sound of footfalls between floors. The wood look and realistic embossing create a warm, yet sophisticated feel that will elevate any brand or design. Fully waterproof, the product can also be used in bathrooms and kitchenettes. It features a 5mm total thickness and 20-mil wear layer to withstand wear and tear from stresses like heavy rolling suitcases, high heels and heavy furniture. Made in the USA.