Cotto Moderno

Dec. 18, 2023
These porcelain tiles and ceramic brick are inspired by the essence of the Earth.

Revitalizing age-old craftsmanship into a modern look, Cotto Moderno channels the essence of the Earth, transforming raw materials into art. Featuring bold brush strokes, undulating colors and unique textures, it’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes for both floors and walls.

For interior floors, all walls and water lines, two 8-inch hexagon formats (flat and chevron) and a unique 2- by 16-inch porcelain tile option bring visual texture to interiors. For walls only, an undulating 3- by 10-inch ceramic brick that feels like it was made by hand is available. Choose from four clay and terracotta tones: Blanco, Taupe, Naranja and Marron.