Imaginasium Collection

June 9, 2023
Adaptive, interactive shapes for early learning spaces.

Young students learn best when they’re on the move. Imaginasium Blocks and Blips allow them to imagine, create, build, climb, nestle and learn by easily adapting to a wide range of interactive learning and teaching methods, from experiential to experimental, play-based, floor-based, tiered seating, cocooning and more. Made of lightweight foam, this soft seating is easy to maneuver and is specifically scaled for young learners. It can be used alone or in combination to create agile, adaptable environments.

When it’s not in use, Blocks and Blips store easily and efficiently; Blocks can be stacked as a cuboid and Blips stack ten-high onto a caddy. Features no wood or other hard parts to bump or bruise. Designed to stand up to wear and tear with reinforced seams and stitching and industrial-grade zippers.