Asari Chair

June 30, 2023
Inspired by organic forms found in nature.

Herman Miller’s new Asari Chair provides sophisticated ergonomic performance in a soft form. Created in collaboration with Tokyo-based designer Naoto Fukasawa, Asari was inspired by organic forms found in nature. Its name means “clam” in Japanese and is an anthropomorphic metaphor for the shape of the chair’s back, which is available in high- and mid-back height. Eight color flood options accentuate the sculptural form by featuring one hue across the base, arms and chair body. Bespoke blended options are also available, with over 180 color combinations available to contract customers.

Tailored for the user, the synchronous self-adjusting tilt provides natural movement while PostureFit adjusts to fill the void between the lower back and the back of the chair, delivering natural alignment for the spine. The contoured seat pad minimizes pressure points and provides the ultimate support.