Anthros Chair

Feb. 5, 2024
This science-backed ergonomic chair is designed to deliver a premium sitting experience.

Poor posture is associated with chronic pain, fatigue, injury, depression, poor vision, dysfunctional breathing and even shortened life expectancy. Anthros is designed to improve posture, reduce pain and increase performance with a highly comfortable sitting experience.

The science-backed ergonomic chair features an adjustable upper back support that’s tapered to pull back the user’s shoulders as they sit, while the two-part back system is able to support most body types. The low back pelvis support works with the upper back to promote an upright posture. The chair also features cushioned, adjustable 4D arm supports and a contoured foam cushion with pressure-relieving cutouts in the rear well. The base moves smoothly and turns as a unit to reduce the incidence of bruised ankles and scuffed shoes.