Zippsafe Storage Solution

Feb. 12, 2024
These flexible, textile-based lockers are designed to replace unsanitary metal, wood or plastic models.

The old employee locker room with its unsanitary metal, wood or plastic lockers, shifting benches and musty odors is a thing of the past. Zippsafe’s smart storage is made of a flexible, polymer-based textile to optimize storage per square foot and improve hygiene. It’s designed to replace one- or two-tier metal lockers with soft textile bags that can flex and expand to hold more and bulkier items. Retractable hangers and side pockets organize belongings. Clean and dirty items are easy to separate with two interior compartments in each bag and a separate shoe drawer at the bottom. The integrated bench delivers significant space savings.

The textile is SmartFabric, an advanced anti-microbial material that lowers the risk of pathogen transmission, and the Zippsafe system also includes ventilation to allow air to circulate and further optimize cleanliness. When maintenance is required, the bags are easily cleaned and disinfected in place or removed and washed. Access is controlled with RFID cards and can also be integrated into employee ID badges.