ARO Launches the Y Stool, Its First Consumer Product

June 3, 2024
Crafted from solid white oak or black walnut, the stool is carried exclusively by Available Items.

The Brooklyn-based Architecture Research Office (ARO) has launched the Y Stool, its first consumer-facing product offering. The Y Stool is crafted from solid white oak or black walnut, partially sourced from recycled wood and made in New Hampshire.

Carried exclusively by Available Items, it draws inspiration from the purpose-built, three-legged wooden stools that people across cultures and geographies have made for thousands of years. ARO Principal Adam Yarinsky, who designed the Y Stool, reinterpreted these historical precedents in a modern form that features beveled corners, sliding dovetail joints and repeated triangular forms. Through grouping and stacking, the stool subtly changes function to become a decorative element or a larger table or bench.