SprayStriker HFE Series

Sept. 13, 2023
Electric-driven high-flow de-icing sprayers.

Hilltip’s SprayStriker HFE (Hi-Flow Electric) Series de-icing sprayers have the industry’s only electric-driven high-flow pumps. Featuring tank capacities of 500 to 3,250 gallons, the HFE series includes the largest sprayers in Hilltip’s SprayStriker family. Ideal for municipalities, the new models are a high-performance, environmentally friendly solution for winter maintenance. HFE series sprayers have specialized dual high-flow pumps and flow meters to pump exact application rates on demand with instant responsiveness.

Because no bypass system is used, energy requirements are significantly reduced; the units can be fully powered by the vehicle’s electrical system. As a result, the series is zero emission and the truck does not need an expensive central hydraulic system. The standard 12-volt models can deliver spray volumes up to 15 gallons per minute, and a 24-volt kit produces volumes up to 30 gallons per minute.