16x16 Pavers

Sept. 25, 2023
Covers a large surface area to streamline installation.

Aspire Pavers has introduced 16- by 16-inch pavers to its lineup, which also features pavers in 4- by 4-inch, 4- by 8-inch and 8- by 8-inch sizes. The larger format pavers cover a larger surface area to streamline installation and reduce labor requirements. A single 16- by 16-inch paver is designed to effortlessly interlock with four grids to set a new standard for efficiency. Mix and match different paver sizes to create captivating patterns and arrangements.

The pavers are made using post-consumer recycled materials, including recycled scrap tire rubber and plastics, and are highly durable to ensure longevity and resistance to various environmental factors. All Aspire Pavers are manufactured using a process that requires less energy and produces 95% less carbon dioxide emissions than conventional concrete pavers.