EasyHeat SnoMelter Mats

Dec. 28, 2023
Melt snow safely and reliably on driveways, sidewalks and more.

Emerson EasyHeat SnoMelter mats offer safe, reliable snow melting for driveways, sidewalks, patios and stairs. Combined with the intelligence of EasyHeat controls, the mats are simple to install, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They can be installed below asphalt surfaces, under pavers or in concrete and then connected to standard 240 voltage. In most cases, snow will melt at a rate that keeps up with average snowfall, minimizing snow accumulation on the heated surface and helping people avoid slipping on ice and snow.

Mats are available in sizes that cover from 7.5 to 90 square feet and can be cut to increase width, create corners or curves, or accommodate obstacles. Step mats for stairs can be used independently or in conjunction with standard mats.