Pathfinder Air-Cooled Screw Chiller

Nov. 21, 2022
High efficiency in a reduced footprint.

The Pathfinder air-cooled screw chiller now features upgrades that deliver greater energy savings in the same footprint, as well as additional flexibility with the option to add factory-installed pump packages. The new compressor configuration boasts higher efficiency than the standard compressor, especially at part-load conditions, where chillers typically operate most of the time. Ideal for space that are footprint-constrained, such as data centers or those that need to achieve a specific efficiency threshold.

Integrated pumps are an option for both the packaged and free-cooling models and provide increased convenience and speed of equipment installation, which eliminates the need to size, source and install system pumps separately. New condenser fan motor options allow customers to choose from induction motors (the standard option) or electronically commutated motors for free-cooling units, allowing for better part-load efficiency and integrated part-load value.