AquaSnap 30RC

March 22, 2023
Air-cooled scroll chiller with advanced features and R-32 refrigerant.

Carrier’s AquaSnap 30RC air-cooled scroll chiller features Greenspeed intelligence and R-32 refrigerant, which complies with Jan. 1, 2024 low global warming potential (GWP) requirements. Its advanced features ensure performance and efficiency within a new compact tier unit design, which enables it to be deployed where space is tight without compromising performance. Its optimizations boost the integrated part load values (IPLV) up to 18 for a wide range of applications from 60 to 150 tons.

Variable frequency drives on the fan motors and PIC6 controls help achieve optimal chiller performance. The use of R-32 refrigerant further reduces impact on the environment. Ideal for office buildings, schools, data centers, hospitals, hotels and any other applications where quieter operation, high efficiency and a flexible footprint are important.