Directional Destratification Fan

April 3, 2023
Directional destratification fan for improved comfort and reduced energy costs.

Model DDF is a directional destratification fan that improves comfort and reduces energy costs by efficiently mixing air from floor to ceiling for uniform temperature distribution. The high-performance direct drive fan is available in three sizes and performance levels: a 10-inch diameter for ceilings up to 25 feet, a 12-inch diameter for ceilings up to 45 feet and a 14-inch diameter for ceilings up to 60 feet.

Features an aerodynamically optimized housing for maximum airflow, throw distance and coverage area. Includes Greenheck’s Vari-Green electronically commutated motor and controls technology for maximum efficiency and controllability. A universal ceiling mount and plug-and-play wiring allow for easy installation. Ideal as a standalone unit for providing air circulation in tight spaces or in tandem with AMPLIFY HVLS overhead fans.