Trailblazer Heat Pump Chiller

May 22, 2023
Air-cooled scroll chiller with heat pump technology.

The Trailblazer HP is an air-cooled scroll chiller that uses heat pump technology to deliver electricity-powered heating and cooling for commercial buildings and industrial processes. The air-to-water heat pump chiller provides a reversing function that allows the chiller to switch between cooling and heating modes based on the temperature requirements of the space or process being conditioned. In a cooling application, the refrigerating cycle allows for heat removal from the internal space and dissipates excess heat into the external air. In heating mode, the refrigeration cycle reverses and transfers heat from the outside air into the internal space.

The chiller is up to 300% efficient at typical operating conditions, meaning that it can transfer three times more heat than the energy used by the equipment, leading to a significant reduction in energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs. Easily installs in both new and retrofit applications.