COOLBREEZE Series CB-12 and CB-14

June 7, 2023
Portable, compact evaporative coolers.

COOLBREEZE Series CB-12 and CB-14 are the smallest units in the Cool Boss lineup. These portable evaporative coolers are an affordable way to cool indoor or outdoor spaces by up to 26 degrees F. for less than a dollar a day, and their compact size makes them ideal for use at work, home or play. Large, easy-roll casters make moving them a breeze. Ideal for patios, gyms, garages, repair shops, breakrooms and other workspaces up to 650 or 850 square feet.

Both operate on 110-volt power; warm air is sucked into the back of the unit and directed through a water-soaked evaporative media pad, where it’s instantly chilled. The colder air is blasted out through a proprietary Blue Flex axial-flow fan to cool the surrounding area.