FS1 Fan Array System

June 27, 2023
Engineered to optimize design, installation and operational efficiencies.

Q-PAC’s fan systems are engineered to optimize design, installation and operational efficiencies to ensure speed, reliability, simplicity and flexibility. The main kit components for the FS1 fan array include the FS1 Bulkhead Wall and Bulkhead Harnesses, an FS1 Quick Connect Box, the FS1 Fan Assembly and the FS1 Control Panel. The bulkhead wall features a tailored design configured to your space requirements; wall couplers are integrated for larger solutions.

Pre-fabricated bulkhead harnesses and pre-installed harness mounts are included. The Quick Connect Box provides a single point of connection between the control panel and the set of fans, ensuring faster and easier fan system installation and startup. The Control Panel is manufactured in-house; it’s BACnet compatible and has a touchscreen display, power monitoring and hand-off-auto control.