Aveo Thermostatic Radiator Valve Operators

June 30, 2023
Ideal for multifamily and multi-tenant buildings.

These thermostatic radiator valve operators meet demands for greater energy efficiency and replace the RA2000 series of valve mounted thermostatic operators. The new product includes Danfoss’ gas-filled thermostats, including features from previous thermostat ranges. The Aveo range achieves a control accuracy (CA) classification of 0.2K, the highest ranking possible; this means it precisely maintains the desired room temperature, avoiding overheating and achieving better comfort.

The gas bellow technology results in up to 2% additional energy savings compared to traditional liquid bellows, which can amount to thousands of dollars per building in a multifamily structure or another building with a large number of thermostatic radiator valve operators. The tactile temperature setting provides a subtle click feeling for every 1-degree F. change in temperature, making it easier for users to regulate room temperature more precisely.