Thermal Battery Storage-Source Heat Pump System

Aug. 9, 2023
Offers a path to 100% electrification for buildings in extremely cold climates and dense urban settings.

Building owners with facilities in extremely cold climates where temperatures dip below 0 degrees F. and dense urban settings now have a pathway to 100% electrification with the Thermal Battery Storage-Source Heat Pump System. This all-electric heating system includes thermal energy storage, which uses ice tanks to reclaim and store excess heat in the form of cold water for future heating needs, as well as chiller-heaters that provide direct heat recovery for heating when available and air-to-water heat pumps that source and sink heat to and from the ambient air to balance heating and cooling capacity.

Each thermal energy storage battery is capable of storing the same BTUs of heat as 14 gallons of fuel or 2,000 pounds of steam. Eliminates the need for a boiler and other high-cost equipment and accommodates smaller roof footprints.