HVRF Heating and Cooling System

Sept. 11, 2023
All-electric, two-pipe hydronic VRF system.

Produced with Mitsubishi Electric, the HVRF is an all-electric, two-pipe hydronic variable refrigerant flow system that combines the benefits of VRF and hydronic chillers. This combination reduces refrigerant in the overall system to achieve more ambitious sustainability goals. Ideal for multi-zone spaces requiring individual temperature settings, such as hotels, dorms and multifamily buildings, this unit employs a 100% electric heat pump with simultaneous heating and cooling.

In the proprietary Hybrid Branch controller, heat is exchanged between refrigerant and water, resulting in up to a 20% reduction in overall refrigerant charge. The interior line sets are also replaced with water, making it easier to meet regulations around refrigerant concentration levels and leak detection and allowing for easier refrigerant transitions in the future.