TGS380 and TTS450 Compressors

Nov. 13, 2023
These high-capacity, oil-free compressors use low-GWP refrigerant.

Danfoss’s oil-free Turbocor portfolio has expanded to include the TGS380 and TTS450 models, offering a high-capacity, energy-efficient solution for comfort cooling, intensive ambient environments and data centers. The TGS380 and TTS450 both provide flexibility and efficiency in both heating and cooling applications, in extreme temperatures and across a range of low-Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants.

Both can be used in water-to-water heat pumps and heat recovery applications, generating hot water up to 154 degrees F. They can also both be used in air-cooled chiller applications operating in ambient temperatures up to 125 degrees F. The TGS380 uses the low-GWP refrigerants HFO-1234ze and R515B, while the TTS450 (pictured) uses R134a and low-GWP R513A.