KSQ Mixed Flow Untempered Roof Supply Fan

Jan. 22, 2024
This fan can provide building supply or untampered make-up air where heating and cooling aren’t required.

Greenheck’s KSQ mixed flow roof supply fan provides energy-efficient building supply or untampered make-up air in applications where heating and cooling are not required, such as filtered roof supply, kitchen supply, stairwell or elevator shaft pressurization and other clean air applications.

Model KSQ is available in direct drive sizes 7 through 33 with performance up to 16,750 cfm and 2.75 in. wg. in multiple configurations, including horizontal or bottom intake and horizontal or bottom discharge. The mixed flow wheel improves airflow and efficiency while reducing sound levels, and the compact design enables a smaller footprint. Washable aluminum filters are included, and users also have the option to add pleated MERV 13 filters on bottom intake configurations. Vari-Green motors are available through 10 hp.