HGX56 CO2 T BOCK Compressor

Feb. 28, 2024
Ideal for industrial refrigeration or large-capacity heat pumps, this transcritical compressor uses the natural refrigerant R744.

The HGX56 CO2 T BOCK Compressor is a transcritical 6-cylinder compressor ideal for industrial refrigeration and large-capacity heat pumps. It provides an optimized design solution for applications like cold storage and ice sports facilities. The 6-cylinder capacity lets users reduce the number of compressors in their systems, resulting in less complexity and lower investment costs.

With the approaching HFC phasedown and transition to natural refrigerants, the HGX56 CO2 T transcritical compressor range is designed for demanding conditions with the natural refrigerant R744. Capacity ranges up to 135 kW for cooling and 360 kW for heating, delivering greater efficiency and reliability, along with low noise and vibration and a minimal oil carry-over rate. It provides the same optimal performance at full or partial loads.