Solar Powered Trash Compactors

May 31, 2016

These Solar Powered Trash Compactors manage waste while reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Trash is compacted up to 6:1, reducing pickups by 66-85 percent. This translates to a hauling cost savings of 45-75 percent, which can represent up to $25,000 in annual savings. Businesses conserve space, reduce labor costs, improve property appearance, and minimize truck noise. ROI of two years or less.

In a case study, the P-200 Vertical Compactor from Harmony saved a whopping $5,000 a month for one company. That’s over half a million dollars over the course of nine years. 

The unit can also be powered by Harmony’s SunPak Solar Option, increasing the efficiency for an even more eco-conscious waste disposal system.

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