Soft Care Hand Sanitizing Wipes AF

Sept. 7, 2022
Alcohol-free wipes for sanitizing and moisturizing.

Diversey’s new Soft Care Hand Sanitizing Wipes AF are an alcohol-free option ideal for retail, educational facilities, municipal buildings, workout facilities and other areas where sanitizing is needed and a non-alcohol product is preferred. Ready to use for sanitizing hands and cleaning surfaces. The non-tacky, fragrance-free, FDA-registered formula both sanitizes and moisturizes for a clean and fresh feeling.

Each wipe contains an all-purpose antiseptic that kills 99.999% of common disease-causing pathogens, keeping skin clean and free of germs. The Soft Care Bulk Wipes Dispenser incorporates a built-in trash receptacle that allows for wipes to be used and disposed of in the same spot.