GoFree Flex Pro II

March 27, 2023
Cordless commercial backpack vacuum.

Emerson has launched ProTeam’s cordless commercial backpack vacuum, the GoFree Flex Pro II. This 6-quart unit delivers versatility and comfort through cordless efficiency and an advanced filtration system. The vacuum features a high/low power switch that tackles everything from daily, routine cleaning to larger, messier challenges like capturing sizable dirt and debris in high-traffic areas. Extended runtimes deliver 106 minutes of operation on low and 75 minutes on high.

The FlexFit articulating harness is responsive to the motion of the user’s shoulders, back and hips to increase comfort and reduce fatigue. Four layers of filtration reduce allergens and asthma triggers in the indoor environment, while the ProTeam method of suction-vacuuming helps clean hard surfaces and carpets without stirring up dust.