Aug. 3, 2022
Flexible retail luminaire.

Zumtobel’s new SCENO luminaire adopts to any shop-floor challenge. The rotatable luminaire and the swiveling wings in which the lighting modules are integrated can be adjusted independently of each other to redirect light as the layout of a shop changes. Ensures uniform surface lighting even when shelves are moved, aisle widths are changed or special sales areas are created. Uses a series of miniaturized lighting chambers, plus lenses and anti-glare honeycombs, to guarantee the best light quality, effective glare control and visual comfort.

Available in four design variants featuring a choice of one or two wings and seven or 14 honeycombs per side. Depending on the version, the light output is 3,500, 7,000, 8,000 or 14,000 lumens. Choose from black, white or silver housing and four color temperatures.