Sanibel Wall Sconce

April 21, 2023
Features indoor, outdoor and behavioral health models.

Sanibel is a luminaire collection featuring indoor, outdoor and behavioral health models of a sleek, wall-mounted sconce. The curved body and subtle modern design allows Sanibel to blend seamlessly into a wide range of spaces. Available in 14- and 26-inch sizes, it offers an impressive light output range with standard 90+ CRI.

In non-behavioral health settings, Sanibel serves as an uplight to illuminate architecturally interesting ceilings or raise the ambient light in a space; it can also provide downward-directed light. Outdoor models can also be mounted illuminating up or down to light pathways and steps. The behavioral health models provide a clean, modern architectural look that doesn’t appear institutional but meets the applicational needs of high-risk settings. Listed for wet locations and IP65 rated.