Lifeshield Architectural Downlighting

July 19, 2023
Drive consistency in downlighting from the lab to the cleanroom to the surgical suite.

Lifeshield Architectural Downlighting brings consistent visual quality and comfort to healthcare, behavioral and cleanroom settings. The low-glare, quiet-ceiling design avoids distraction and aids visual acuity; it creates a comfortable, task-safe environment that can be installed around the mechanical obstructions of medical or industrial equipment. The 50-degree visual cutoff results in excellent glare control. Choose from 4-inch or 6-inch round and square aperture fixtures with beam distributions ranging from very narrow to extra wide.

Also available for round aperture fixtures are Lifeshield Wall Wash luminaires, which contribute to the ambient illumination in a space. Downlights are IS03 cleanroom rated for sterile environments due to their smooth surfaces with antimicrobial finishes, which help inhibit contamination. The sealed design ensures durability in NSF2 washdown environments, while nonferromagnetic construction prevents electromagnetic interference with sensitive medical equipment.