BEACON Urban Micro Strike Luminaires

Sept. 1, 2023
Decorative luminaires for illuminating roadways and walkways.

The BEACON Urban Micro Strike is a sleek new solution for casting light on roadways, walkways and other outdoor spaces while maintaining the flexibility of multiple mounting options, including pendant, side and yoke. The decorative luminaire comes in four shade/style combinations and two sizes with standard 20kA surge protection. The LED turtle-friendly (beach-side shielding) option is available for coastal installations.

Each luminaire incorporates BEACON’s proprietary Micro Strike Options that maximize target zone illumination with minimal losses at the house side, reducing light trespass issues. This optic control helps simplify layouts, reduce fixture count and lower installation costs while improving visual acuity and comfort. Outputs range from 2,600 to 22,000 lumens in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 5000K and CRI ratings of 70 or 80.