Sept. 18, 2023
Family of large-format, architectural, circular luminaires.

Magellan is a family of large-format, architectural, circular luminaires. Delivering a clean, modern style across a variety of sizes and configurations, Magellan luminaires offer features and aesthetics that provide visual comfort in architectural spaces. The family includes pendants, ceiling-surface and recessed ceiling luminaires, as well as surface and recessed wall-mounted solutions. The luminaires are designed to appear impeccably clean with no seams or visual disruptions in their circular form, resulting in an elegant drum-style luminaire that appears to be carved from one solid form.

The luminaires offer 600 to 48,500 lumens, providing soft illumination for an intimate setting or filling large volumes from high above. A sound reducing acoustic solution on the direct plane of the luminaire is offered in 19 colors and provides a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of 0.45 to 0.9.