AJ Garden

Oct. 11, 2023
Echoing Arne Jacobsen’s work for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, this outdoor lamp delivers glare-free light.

The AJ lamp series is regarded as Danish architect Arne Jacobsen’s best work. He designed the series in 1957 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen; at that time it consisted of a floor lamp, a wall lamp, a table lamp, a smaller table lamp, and a lamp that attached to a table. The profile of AJ Garden, with its combination of oblique and right angles, parallels the geometric profiles of his buildings; it’s based on the dimensions of the AJ Mini Table Lamp and has the same sophisticated expression.

The outdoor lamp emits a downward-directed, glare-free light and is available in two different heights with a fixed head. Choose from a base plate, spike or anchor installation type. The LED light source emits 524 lumens in a color temperature of 4000K.