Appleton IWL Weatherproof Luminaires

Dec. 4, 2023
These tough luminaires can illuminate commercial and industrial facilities, including harsh environments.

Appleton IWL luminaires are energy-efficient LED wall packs that meet the security, sustainability and lighting output requirements of commercial and industrial facilities. They ensure safety for people and property by providing up to 15,000 lumens of optimally distributed light when mounted on building exteriors and at outdoor entrances. Nine field-selectable settings allow installers to precisely match color temperatures and brightness levels to large or small outdoor areas. The housing is a tough cast aluminum enclosure lined with silicone rubber gasketing and secured by stainless steel bolts and pins for durability.

An IP65 ingress certification qualifies IWL luminaires for harsh outdoor areas in marinas, foundries and more. They function in a broad temperature range of -40 to 104 degrees F. Choose from models that deliver 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 nominal lumens with 121-165 lumens per watt, equivalent to 100- to 400-watt HID wall packs.