Ballast Retrofit Kit by C-Flex

Dec. 6, 2023
Replace old fluorescent lamps easily with these easy LED retrofit kits.

Lutron has announced its new ballast retrofit kit by C-Flex. These fast, simple, off-the-shelf retrofit kits provide a solution for 1:1 fluorescent to LED upgrades that can be implemented immediately or over time to meet budget demands, scheduling needs and new regulations. Compared to fluorescents, LEDs contain no mercury, have a longer lifetime and offer greater potential for energy and cost savings. They’re also more flexible than fluorescents, with highly flexible control and a wide range of form factors and color options, including tunable white capability.

Each retrofit kit includes the Lutron drivers (3-wire or EcoSystem) and C-Flex LED lamps by Light Efficient Design. Everything needed for installation, including connectors, instructions and fixture labels, is in the kit. The lamps drop right in, and drivers have the identical form factor and wiring locations as existing ballasts. There is no need to open the ceiling, pull new wire or replace lamp wiring. Available in 12-kit and 24-kit cases, offering replacements for T8, T5 and T5HO lamps in 4-foot lamp lengths, as well as vertical and horizontal CFL lamp types. Choose from 3000K, 3500K or 4000K lamp color temperature options.