Orbita Collection

Jan. 8, 2024
Offered in seven color temperatures, this architectural family of luminaires is sleek and minimalist.

The Orbita collection is an architectural family of luminaires featuring two sconces and a wall mount luminaire. Featuring a sleek, minimalist look with a 0.63-inch segmented light engine diameter, the modular design offers customization options with a choice of segment length and configuration.

Designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting, each segment length has 360-degree rotation that enables users to fine-tune the light distribution in the field. Light engine segments are connected by a magnetic coupling system using rare earth magnetics. All luminaires in the collection are powered by a white Nano Linear Light Engine and offered in seven color temperatures from 2200K to 5000K with a Color Rendering Index up to 98+. UL listed and Title 24 compliant.