This Sound-Absorbing Luminaire Is Ideal for Lobbies, Open Work Areas and More

March 6, 2024
This sound-absorbing luminaire has a soft, rounded design that can stand alone or become part of a cluster.

Joli is a sound-absorbing luminaire with a soft, rounded design. Whether it stands alone or as part of a cluster, it adds an inviting, unique dimension to any space. Like its counterparts, Elke and Marro, Joli features rich colors, large-scale formats and simple shapes inspired by the Color Field painting movement of the 1950s, where artists experimented with the power of color in large areas.

Available in 30 colors and three diameters, Joli has eight acoustic felt panels that radiate from a central globe diffuser. Ideal for lobbies, transition spaces, open work areas and more. Choose from color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K and 0-10V or phase dimming.