Molecular Recycling Technology Upcycles Discarded Materials Into Recycled Light Fixtures

June 5, 2024
The Clear Coil Collection 3D prints pendant lighting from clothing and carpet fibers, dense plastic containers and packaging.

The 100% recycled Clear Coil Collection harnesses molecular recycling technology to upcycle discarded materials like clothing and carpet fibers, dense plastic containers and packaging into long-lasting, optically clear, 3D-printed light fixtures. The collection features six pendant shapes dubbed the “M” series for “molecular”; they range from geometric to organic in form. M1, M2 and M3 pendants take cues from the small form factors of the original Coil Collection, while M4, M5 and M6 (pictured) come in two sizes and are suited for spaces with high ceilings.

The Coil Collection Take Back Program encourages customers to return their Coil fixtures at the end of their lifecycles so LightArt can repurpose them. The company will supply packaging and cover shipping costs to reduce participation barriers. Pendants are assembled with a PVC-free cord and are finished with TGIC-free powder-coated hardware.