Create Welcoming, Glare-Free Outdoor Experiences with This Minimalist Luminaire

June 11, 2024
Lupa’s disk shape, lack of visible hardware and integrated arm deliver a contemporary feel and refined look.

Lupa is an outdoor luminaire with modern, minimalist styling and optics that create an inviting, glare-free experience. Lupa has a disk shape, no visible hardware and a seamlessly integrated arm to bring a contemporary feel and refined look to public spaces. It’s ideal for urban landscapes, like courtyards, campuses, parks, city squares, transit access and transitional areas. Lower pole heights contribute to a feeling of security and belonging, while the light engine produces a gentler, more comfortable gradient for a softer look.

Choose from symmetric distribution for wide open spaces, asymmetric distribution for streets and alleyways, or pathway distribution to illuminate linear pedestrian routes. IP66 rated and dark sky friendly.