Form-A-Tread Original

Aug. 29, 2022
Durable, long-lasting stair treads.

Form-A-Tread Original is a new category of durable high-tech epoxy paste that ensures superior stair tread footing and visibility for years without reapplication as an alternative to short-lived, high-maintenance tapes or coatings. The durable epoxy paste consists of 100% solids that bond strongly to a range of stair tread surfaces, with embedded aggregate to increase traction. Can be used indoors or outdoors and resists damage from chemicals, direct sunlight, harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

The kit includes a 400ml cartridge of material that can produce 25-40 linear feet of 1-inch-wide tread depending on the surface type. A special tool dispenses and mixes the material in the correct ratio at the time of application, eliminating the risk of human error. Does not shrink during cure.