Onvation Smart Restroom Management System

Oct. 2, 2018
Smart restroom system that increases staff agility.

The Onvation Connected Software Solution increases staff agility, ensures product is always on hand and helps operators understand visitor flow, both in the restrooms and throughout buildings. Use the resources you already have while utilizing smart data insights from Onvation to make informed decisions and control waste. The system uses data analytics to eliminate inefficiencies and help staff keep up with daily cleaning routines and product refill schedules. It also ensures hand hygiene products are always available, making tenants, visitors and patrons feel safe and protected.

Onvation also develops optimized cleaning schedules based on traffic patterns, allowing cleaners to spend more time outside the restroom cleaning high touchpoint areas. Compare monthly averages and year-to-date consumption, as well as restroom traffic, alert resolution rate and average response times. You can even tell if there was any premature refilling of products. Real-time alerts let your team know when a dispenser needs immediate attention.

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