EZ Flush Sensor Retrofit Kit

July 1, 2023
The reliable, gear-driven operation of this kit outperforms temperamental solenoids.

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions has launched the next generation of the EZ Flush Sensor Retrofit Kit, featuring a sleek new look and features. The durable, chrome-plated metal finish is impact-resistant to deter vandalism while improving the look of most flush valves. The unit is battery-powered, sensor-operated and features a true mechanical override button to deliver on-demand flushing.

Its reliable, gear-driven operation outperforms temperamental solenoids, minimizing replacement costs. It also has a toggle feature that allows for optional 24-hour line flushing. Easily installed for commercial applications where manual flush valves are being converted to hands-free operation. The infrared sensor flush activation supports a hygienic restroom experience by eliminating touchpoints and is angled for optimum user detection.