Feb. 22, 2012

Villa’s most notable characteristic is its ability to provide a palette to create free-form lounge configurations, of any size, ideal for open plans and lounge settings. The following additions further the collection’s ability to provide flexible and relevant solutions.

High-Back — This addition offers the opportunity to divide space into separate brainstorming, meeting, or social spaces, while maintaining the look and feel of an open plan. The privacy back is available in one-, two-, and three-seat lounges without arms or with a side screen, and one- and two-seat corner units. Screens can be upholstered separately from the seat to delineate space.

Benches — A new 45-degree crescent bench and lounge, with optional back, provides greater opportunities to design functional and creative seating arrangements that can also easily maneuver around obstacles.

Power/data — To support users’ need for power and data in lounge, casual, and open plan settings, an optional five-inch arm width is available, which includes the option to integrate grommets into one or both arms for easy power/data access. Grommets are also available on any Villa table.

 Tables and Storage — New table options increase Villa’s ability to serve as a onesource lounge solution, with a variety of sizes, style, and open storage options.