Performer SH295

April 13, 2012

With a capacity of 25 TR, the new Performer SH295 offers a small footprint and weighs 25% less than competitors’ compressors. The unit features a 3.25/W coefficient of performance and cooling capacities that range from:

183 to 374 kBtu/h/53 to 110 kW at 60 Hz

150 to 310 kBtu/h/44 to 90 kW at 50 Hz

The compressor’s large operating envelope allows good performances in a wide range of applications, including extreme conditions.

The Performer SH295 supports corporate green initiatives, using lead-free bearings and other environmentally friendly materials that ensure 100% compliance with the restricted use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS). In addition, the compressor’s Danfoss patented surface sump pump heater contributes to noise reductions of 2 to 4 decibels, with a multiplying effect on sound in multiple scroll systems.