Stainless Steel Modular Waste Valves

May 14, 2012

While other valves’ rotary ball scores over time as they turn—affecting how they seal and leading to leaks—T&S’ modular waste valves provide the only open design, stainless valve in the industry along with a vandal-resistant guard and strainer. In addition to offering easy installation and maintenance, T&S’ modular waste valves allow users to quickly drain full sinks and not waste valuable time.

The product’s rugged construction and limited lifetime warranty ensure it will be a high-quality product that won’t fail over time and cause set-backs during kitchen rushes. And, when repairs are necessary, the unit’s unique modular design and push-pull operation allows operators to quickly and conveniently service their sinks without removing the waste valve.

With 18 models, these patent-pending valves are available to fit almost any sink specification.