EXLS Water-Cooled Load Bank

May 30, 2012

The EXLS is a water-cooled server simulator load bank, designed to conduct end-to-end electrical and thermal testing of both the chiller and chilled water loop, reducing the need for multiple time-consuming and costly tests. The EXLS water-cooled server simulator system is a modular, lightweight load bank system that offers commissioning professionals unprecedented control when conducting data center chiller plant and chilled water loop validation testing—with more accurate results.

The modular EXLS is 70% lighter than other water-cooled load banks on the market and is easier to position throughout the facility’s raised floor, at chilled water loop taps, for the ultimate in manageability and control. TheEXLS water-cooled load bank offers infinitely variable BTU settings and variable flow control via electronic servos that can be networked and managed as a complete system from a single laptop computer or Android device. The EXLS incorporates a proprietary, tankless heat exchanger design, requiring a mere 18 to 36 gallons of water, depending on load configuration.