The RITE Door

May 21, 2012

The RITE Door isa high-performance integrated door system with a top latch mechanism that allows each door to operate independently. The RITE Door integrated system features pre-installed hardware to reduce time and labor costs and ensure proper alignment and operation. Meets fire codes that don't require overlapping astragals, flush bolts, or coordinators. Quick and easy to install, it combines durability and style into a single package suitable for the highest traffic and most demanding openings.

The RITE Door also provides a maximum clear opening width that satisfies code requirements for hospitals and other public buildings and fully meets ADA guidelines for accessibility. The low-profile exit device is designed to resist wear and vandalism - providing optimum durability. A variety of door finishes, lever trim and electrification options are available, making The RITE Door an aesthetically pleasing solution as well. Comes standard with fiber-reinforced polymer bearings that are self-lubricating to eliminate black dust and provide quiet operations.